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Table 2 Staging of gallbladder carcinoma

From: Gallbladder carcinoma: a retrospective analysis of twenty-two years experience of a single teaching hospital

Stage TNM Modified Nevin
0 Tis N0 M0 In situ carcinoma
I T1 N0 M0 In situ carcinoma
II T2 N0 M0 Mucosal or muscular invasion
III T1 N1 M0
T2 N1 M0
T3 N0 M0
T3 N1 M0
Transmural direct liver invasion
IV A T4 N0 M0
T4 N1 M0
Lymph node metastasis
IV B Any T N2 M0
Any T Any N M1
Lymph node metastasis ± distant metastasis