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Archived Comments for: An unusual cause of chest pain:case report

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  1. GPs , Biophysical Semeiotics, and bedside cancer diagnosis.

    Sergio Stagnaro, Biophysical Semeiotics Research Laboratory

    8 July 2007


    this interesting case history accounts for the reason that GPs must study Biophysical Semeiotics, at least its essential technical aspects, first of all, auscultatory percussion of the stomach (, Technical Page N°1). In fact, in a few minutes doctors would exclude in patients like this whathever coronary disorder (1-3). In addition, detecting intense Oncological Terrain, conditio sine qua non of malignancy, both solid and liquid, and subsequently Oncological Real Risk in the precise skeletral muscle, associated with the numerous biophysical signs of malignancy, illustrated also in above-cited website (3), diagnosis was surely made rapidly at the bedside. In doing that, i.e., in detecting these biophysical semeiotic signs (Retyculo-Endothelial System Hyperfunction Syndrome, Anthybody Synthesis Acute Syndrome, Acute Phase Protein Syndrome, a.s.o., it is necessary the knowledge of stomach auscultatory percussion. Certainly, for applying other refined methods, among them "quantitative" diagnosis of disorder real risk, based on microcirculatory remodelling, characterized by newborn-pathological, type I, subtype a, and b Endoarteriolar Devices (4), physician has to be skilled in the new physical semeiotics.


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