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Table 1 Patient list: cases of presacral extramedullary haematopoiesis reported in the literature.

From: An interesting diagnosis for a presacral mass: case report

Author Year published Age of patient Symptoms Diagnosis Predisposing factors Management Outcome
Babazadeh 2009 71 F None, found incidentally CT, MRI, Biopsy (Bx) None identified Conservative No change
Gupta [3] 2008 79 M None CT, MRI Spherocytosis Conservative No change after 3 years
Saur [4] 2007 83 F Anaemia CT, Bx Myelofibrosis Conservative Not known
Forster [13] 2006 75 F None, found incidentally CT, MRI, diagnostic excision Sacral fracture Excision Not known
Youngster [16] 2006 48 F Painful defecation for 3 months CT, MRI, diagnostic excision Beta thalassaemia intermedia Excision Symptom free at 12 months
Al-aabassi [6] 2005 23 F None, found incidentally US, CT, MRI, TC99, Bx Beta thalassaemia major, Regular blood transfusions Not known
Sarmiento [5] 2003 69 M None, found incidentally CT, Bx Spherocytosis Conservative No change at 1 year. Bloods normal
Miyake [12] 2004 54 M None, found incidentally CT, MRI, diagnostic excision Myelofibrosis Excision Uneventful
Carazo [2] 1999 60 F Sciatic pain CT, MRI, Bx Mechanical heart valves possibly leading to haemolysis and subsequent anaemia Conservative Symptoms improved with time, mass still present at 6 months
Karak [15] 1998 68 F Lower back pain TC-99, Bx None identified Conservative Not known
Sporat [14] 1991 Unknown Pain CT, Bx Beta thalassaemia intermedia Radiotherapy Good response
Chao [17] 1986 Unknown Constipation CT Beta thalassaemia Not known Not known
Sebes [11] 1984 46 F None, found incidentally Tc-99, CT Sickle Cell anaemia Not known Not known
Sebes [11] 1984 35 F Pelvic mass Tc-99, CT Beta thalassaemia intermedia Excision Not known